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She's Arrived

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Abi L. Glen

Regular readers round here will know how exciting I find post. Any kind of post—letters, cards, receipts, forms, cardboard boxes, the New York Post, wooden dowels as part of 5-bar fences. I am equal opportunities for post. A Mail/Female Affirmative Action supporter.

So you can imagine the unbridled joy at receiving an actual brown paper package tied up with string… containing our first-ever Box!

Meet Pandora:


(Also pictured:Bramley, who, despite Dan’s suggestion, DOES NOT have ‘sausage potential’.)

She’s had quite the journey. From Hoxton to the British Museum (ably received by Jen’s husband, Sam; thanks, Sam!) to Islington to Cambridge, and now ready for her close-up. The Perspex boxes come in a CMYK colour-way. I knew we’d be taking the box to a wide range of outreach groups, and didn’t want it to be too obviously gendered (and they’d run out of black). So Pandora’s the exact colour of a daffodil— cheerful, distinctive, pleasingly squat.


She’s looking at me expectantly while I write this, given the slew of visitors we had yesterday. Today I’ll take her up to Finance (a bunch of fiercely smart and curious women who love to know about the latest research in the museum, who also happen to sign off my expenses). Next up will be a meeting with Education to talk about our plans for outreach to hospitals, and then to Vicky Avery to show her the possibilities for a digital space in the Food exhibition.

If you’re nearby and fancy a demo, let me know via Twitter @abilglen or the form below.

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