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Free Soluis

27 Aug 2019

Regular readers will know of my love for the awkward moment. I may be a Citizen of the World, but I am also Scottish, so perhaps this accounts for the self-schadenfreude that defines a lot of my interactions.

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Presentation accepted at CAAUK2019

14 Aug 2019

The CEEF team have had an abstract accepted for presentation at Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology National Meeting in Bournemouth this October. Details of our presentation are below and we look forward to chatting with everyone about 3d in the museum sector!

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Post Conference Review Part 5

02 Jul 2019

After a speedy lunch we were back to an intense afternoon session of quick fire talks. 19 talks, 5 minutes a talk: it was a challenge!

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Post Conference Review Part 4

17 Jun 2019

Next up, we moved onto our first session of short 5 minute presentations. We were very lucky to have an incredible range of fascinating projects featured during this session! Many of these papers focused on key themes and ideas that we were trying to look at during the conference, including:

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Post Conference Review Part 3

13 Jun 2019

George Braques seems to have been a rare combination of mad and boring, but he had a few pithy quotes I like to return to; one is:

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Post Conference Review Part 2

13 Jun 2019

In addition to Helena’s research project ‘Please Do Not Touch?’, underpinning the purpose and theme of the conference was, of course, our AHRC CEEF fellows’ projects. Kicking off this session (in a series of 4 x 10 minute talks) was Dr Abi Glen who is collaborating with creative industry partner Museum in a Box to develop a subscription service of 3D printed objects from the Fitzwilliam Museum’s collection. Cleverly known as ‘sending the Fitz, in bits’, the idea is that small themed collections of 3D-printed objects and paper materials will be snail mailed to consumers to use alongside a ‘Brain Box’ (which is built off a Raspberry Pi). The theme for Abi’s first collection (a favourite pastime for us all!) is food, in keeping with the Fitzwilliam Museum’s next major exhibition “Eat Feast Fast: The Art of Food in Europe 1500-1800” (26 November 2019 – 19 April 2020). Abi will be piloting this project initially in clinical settings, including the dialysis unit at Addenbrookes Hospital (with the support of an Arts and Humanities Impact Fund grant).

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Post Conference Review Part 1

13 Jun 2019

Over our next few blog posts we will capture the main areas of discussion from the University of Cambridge Museums conference Do Not Touch? 3D in Museums held on Monday 3 June at the Judge Business School in Cambridge. We were delighted to be joined by over 90 delegates. Nearly 40 speakers ensured that we had some invigorating discussions that spanned many disciplines (from physics to education and mathematics to English), collections (ancient Egypt to natural history) and organisations (universities, industrial collaborators, museums and heritage sector organisations). We’re really grateful to them all for coming to the event and providing such incisive insights.

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CAA Krakow

02 May 2019

In April I was very grateful to The Marlay Group who provided £600 to support my attendance at the Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology International Conference in Krakow, Poland. The conference brings together academics and practitioners across a range of disciplines with interests surrounding the broad theme of computer applications in archaeology. I presented a paper in a session on Immersive Digital Media in Archaeology concerning the use of immersive acoustics to communicate archaeological narratives, drawing specifically on Listening to the Commons and the Voice and Vote Exhibition, with the Co-I on my previous post-doc Prof Damian Murphy. Despite issues with light and sound in the venue the presentation went well and fitted I think into broader discussions happening across the conference on themes of sensorial engagement and how we can move away from ocularcentric interpretations and approaches (which I had weighed in on as is my perogative!).

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Consider The Lobster

23 Apr 2019

I live by the rule that Everything Is Copy (the late, great Nora Ephron, of course). Singed off your hair while recording a beauty tutorial? Copy. Dissolution of your lukewarm Starter Marriage after six months? Copy. Asked to 3D model a gently rotting lobster as part of a mock-Baroque feast? Copy. See, you’re reading it right now.

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Visit to Museum in a Box HQ

18 Apr 2019

A little over a week ago, Jo, Abi, and I were lucky enough to make a special visit to Museum in a Box (MiaB) Headquarters in Shoreditch. Located just around the corner from the ‘Silicon Roundabout’, MiaB is at the cutting edge of DIY cultural heritage-digital interactives, allowing museums, schools, and anyone who is interested to develop and create their own mini-museums in a box.

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Visit to ThinkSee3D

29 Mar 2019

On Friday 15th March, the CEEF team visited the ThinkSee3D studio in Eynsham, a small village outside Oxford. The purpose of the visit was to gain firsthand insights into the processes of 3D printing, photogrammetry and digital 3D modeling with founder-owner, Steve Dey, and find out more about the perks and challenges of working as a small-scale heritage business.

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She's Arrived

07 Mar 2019

Regular readers round here will know how exciting I find post. Any kind of post—letters, cards, receipts, forms, cardboard boxes, the New York Post, wooden dowels as part of 5-bar fences. I am equal opportunities for post. A Mail/Female Affirmative Action supporter.

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Adventures in Packaging

05 Mar 2019

The Guardian thinks that having hanging baskets is the sign you’ve mastered adulthood. Flowers and flossing are all very well, but the true measure that your childhood is over is when you literally skip to pick up a delivery of cardboard boxes. That’s right. I got a genuine kick of joy at the thought of a cardboard box filled with other, smaller cardboard boxes.

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Meeting with Cambridge Art Makers

22 Feb 2019

“You know, I really am keen to make sure we spend enough money on getting good design.”

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First Meeting with Museum in a Box

19 Feb 2019

Twas the 5th of February, and all through the house, many creatures were stirring, including this squirrel:

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Creative Economy Engagement Fellowships funding awarded

01 Jan 2019

The Fitzwilliam Museum is pleased to announce that it has received funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) for circa £252,000 (FEC) to host 4 talented Early Career Researchers (ECR) on Post Doctoral Fellowships. This new project is led by Daniel Pett, the museum’s head of Digital and IT, and Dr Jo Vine the museum’s Research Co-ordinator.

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